all good things must come to an end.

And so ends my posts about my semester abroad in the beautiful city of Leeds…  

It’s been nearly 2 months since my return back to Vancouver and I’m no longer in the I can’t believe I was just studying in England stage.  Right now, I’m in more of a TAKE ME BACK TO ENGLAND AND EUROPE/I WANT TO BE BACK IN ENGLAND type of stage.  IIt’s that dreaded exchange withdrawal period that every exchange student goes through and I’ve been stuck in it the moment I stepped foot back onto Canadian soil.  Every single day, I stumble upon reminders of England and Europe, from friends who are still studying abroad or tweets about certain things happening in Europe.  It probably doesn’t help that I’m taking a semester off because I returned a month into the semester…  And if you ask my parents, they’re probably sick of me talking in my appalling London accent all the time.  It was my way of trying to get them to send me back to London but it didn’t really work.  But anyhow, I’m coping with my withdrawals and trying not to constantly dwell on the fact that I’m no longer in Europe.  

For those considering going on exchange or even on exchange at Leeds Uni, I’ve uploaded my exchange report here.  The report is something that my university requested all returning exchange students to complete for future exchange students so I thought it would be good for my readers to have access to as well.  I know quite a few people have had questions regarding accommodation, travel and such, so I hope that I was able to answer a few questions in my report.  

I really do hope that you all have enjoyed reading about my experience on exchange and maybe it’ll convince you to take a chance and apply for an exchange too!

Cheers! x