home, sweet home.

This ‘being back home’ post has been overdue for quite some time now.  I’ve been back in Vancouver since the 26th of January, which is still something I’m trying to adjust to.  It’s been great to sleep in my own bed and on a mattress that doesn’t creak with every move, and also one that doesn’t feel like the springs are ready to burst through the fabric.  It has also been great to eat delicious home-cooked meals and good (and cheap) Asian food, which is something the UK lacks.  I’ve reunited with my friends and caught up one what’s been happening with them when I was abroad.  

Here are some photos of a few things I’ve seen or done since being back!

Gorgeous view from my house

Salvaged cinnamon buns.  I had burnt them and had to cut the tops off.

My first attempt at baking an apple pie.

Best sandwich shop in Vancouver.  Period.

My second attempt at making apple pie.  Went a little better than my first.

 Next post: going through exchange withdrawals.  Cheers!