prague, part three.

Our final day (or half-day, rather) in Prague was mainly to finish up the last bits of sightseeing and to do a little souvenir shopping.  After breakfast, we hopped on a tram heading west to check out the most modern-looking building in Prague, which is better known as the “Dancing Building" or the Fred and Ginger building.  The building was completed in 1996 and it was designed by Vlado Milunic in co-operation with one of my favourite architects, Frank Gehry.

The Dancing Building

Action shots!

We finally got a group shot.  Flatmates!

Running low on time, we went back to our hostel to retrieve our bags and to check out.  Rob Pattinson doppelgänger wasn’t working but we left him a thank you note, ending with a “You’re cute,” obviously.  We returned to U Bulinú for our last Czech meal and it was definitely worth it.  Knowing how large the portions are, we decided to split some ribs, “chips”, and a garlic baguette between the three of us.  Delicious!

We tried to do a little shopping in the city centre before heading off to the airport, but there wasn’t a lot of time left.  So, we pretty much finished off our Czech koruny at the aiport.  We splurged and got ourselves quite a bit of chocolate to bring back to Leeds.  We also got some more souvenirs at Blue, which is an amazing souvenir shop that I totally recommend visiting.  With that, our time in Prague had come to an end and we boarded our plane back to Leeds.

That’s it for now.  I won’t be doing any “big” trips until after classes end on December 8th.  In the meantime, I’ll be going to some pretty exciting events over the next few weeks so expect posts on those.