The German Christmas market, or Christkindelmarkt, is in full swing at Millenium Square here in Leeds, so some of my friends and I dropped by to sample some of the delicious food and check out the trinkets being sold.  As many of the food stands sold stuff that had eggs in the ingredients, I only got myself a German sausage in a bun, which was really good (and pricey-ish), and some chocolate covered strawberries.  The girls also thought that the guy selling the sausages was hitting on me.  Frankly, I was a little creeped out by him.  And even Jac didn’t want to go back to get a sausage because of him!  Other than that, the girls all tried food from a few other food stalls and they all enjoyed the yummy food.  So, if you’re in Leeds or any other city that has a German market, definitely go and check it out!

L-R: Linh, Jac, Jamie, and Cynthia

Potato pankcakes

Mini pancakes