Hi again! In reference to your blog post with your side trips to other places - I really want to do that as well when I go on exchange! What's it like traveling alone (if you're doing that)? Also, how do you manage to fit side trips in? Is it do-able?


I don’t actually know what it’s like travelling alone, as I have yet to take a try by myself.  I’m sure it’s a great experience, especially if you’ve got a more independent personality.

It definitely is possible to fit side trips in, but it depends on your schedule and your willingness to miss class.  Lucky for me, I’ve got a three-day weekend so I can leave for short trips on Thursday afternoon/evening and come back on Sunday.  If you do have class Monday to Friday, then, I guess it depends on whether or not you are willing to miss class.  For all of my lectures and seminars, they take attendance, so I’ve planned trips around that as I cannot afford to miss any classes.

Also, travelling within the UK is cheap and you can do day trips pretty much any day.  If you do end up going to the University of Leeds, they offer day trips every weekend to different cities in the UK like Manchester, Birmingham, Cambridge, Stratford-Upon-Avon, etc.

Feel free to ask any more questions that you’ve got :)