new home.

It’s been a little bit on the busier side now that I’ve moved into my term-time residence.  There’s a bunch of orientations, meeting and such, but I’ve been lucky enough to have had time to move pretty much everything into my room.  It’s definitely a lot smaller and older than the temporary accommodation I had at Devonshire.  There’s just enough space to breathe but it does feel a bit restrictive.  Though I’m assuming this is typical for dorms in the UK (I could be wrong).  Inside my room, I’ve got a shelving unit, a closet, a desk, a chair, a set of drawers and a bed.  Basic, but it’ll do the job for the semester.

In our flat, we’ve got one bathroom/shower and one kitchen to share with our flatmates.  The bathroom isn’t as terrible as I’ve been expecting and the kitchen is definitely a lot dirtier than what I’m used to back at home.  My flatmates and I are definitely going to have to do some cleaning before we use it.  The kitchen is also the only space we have in our flat that has a table where we can all sit and chat.  

And my food/kitchen supplies shelf!

That’s about it for the residence.  Cheers!