Once again, I’m blogging at night because I can’t sleep.  Yesterday was spent getting necessities at Birstall Retail Park and visiting my temporary accommodation before I move into St. Marks.  At Ikea, I got a bunch of kitchenware and cooking utensils, and had lunch there.  Next was M&C Simply Food, which is part of the Marks & Spencer chain but it sells mainly food.  I got some fruits and biscuits to tide me over till tomorrow.  I also got a kettle and a hairdryer at Comet, which is like Future Shop/Best Buy.

After purchasing all that stuff, I made my way over to Devonshire Hall to have a look and get information regarding temporary accommodation.  Then, I went back to have a look at the residence where I’ll be staying.  I’m still hoping that it won’t turn out to be as bad as I’m expecting…

Onto some pictures from yesterday!