Something Different


Instagram fatigue is very much so a real thing — and something I'm sure many are currently experiencing. The rise of Instagram fame and its enticing perks has seen the popularization of a certain kind of imagery because that is what gets the likes and engagement, supposedly. We see the same style of flat lays on a daily basis, lines need to be perfectly straight, and everything has become so calculated. And you know what? I'm tired and bored!

This is why I've been posting my photos differently as of late. They've been collages strung together with a colour found within one of the images. I'm trying to push myself to do something different with my photos, instead of falling into the Instagram mold. With my attempt at trying something new, I think it's really helped me in stimulating my creative sense once more (because I'm pretty sure things got rather stagnant over the past few months).

I don't want to simply follow what's "Instagram cool". I want go beyond that and create something that I find cool, regardless of the likes and comments.