Masahiro Maruyama


I've been a glasses-wearer since the second grade and you know what? I love them. I love how there are so many different styles and designs to suit your needs and tastes, and of course, the ease. I gave contacts a go for a week back in high school and hated every moment. It took at least 15 minutes to put one it and frankly, I liked the way I looked with glasses much more than contact lenses.

My glasses evolution has taken me from the oval-shaped blue frames of my first pair to my most recent pair, a gorgeous dual-coloured pair by Masahiro Maruyama. I picked up this pair last year at my favourite eyewear store in Vancouver, Bruce Eyewear. Bruce is home to some of the leading and most cutting-edge eyewear designers in the industry, and I've been shopping with them since my first year of university.

Anytime I go to Bruce for eyewear, I know I'll find a pair that is most unique and fits my personal style. This Masahiro Maruyama pair is beyond anything I've ever owned, with its subtle asymmetrical design and use of gold and silver. Although these elements aren't the most obvious, they're just so beautiful together and I'm stoked that I get to wear such a beautiful pair on the daily.