whitehorse, part three.

The following day, we ventured back to the same area and went on a guided snowshoeing adventure. I have snowshoed before and I knew it would be quite tiring, but boy, was our trek near FIsh Lake exhausting. Because we snowshoed through some of the trees and bushes, the snow was untouched and so much harder to walk through. I was hot and sweaty, but it was well worth the strain. The wilderness in Whitehorse is so serene and beautiful, and snowshoeing really allowed us to get up close and personal with its flora and fauna.

Once we finished snowshoeing, our guide drove us back down into town, where we lunched at Tim Horton’s and perused some of the local shops. We picked up some jams for family friends and admired the Gold Rush-esque quality of downtown Whitehorse. Because we were rather exhausted, we rested (read: passed out) in the Best Western’s lobby as we waited for our ride back to the resort.

We rested some more at the resort and made use of the spa facilities before another communal dinner with the other guests. What was fantastic about dinner this evening was that a couple of the other guests had a successful ice fishing day, bringing back some lake trout for everyone. Renata cooked the trout and served it as a delicious appetizer with buttered slices of baguette. 

Next up: last bits of Whitehorse! x