Nicole Wong


i just can't recognize myself, tears of joy run over my face.

It’s strange thinking that my exchange is over.  I’m now back in Vancouver (and terribly behind on blogging), just getting used to living at home again and the non-British way of doing things.  But let’s rewind back to my exchange for the next handful of posts.  And yes, this is my way of deluding myself into thinking that I’m still in Europe, travelling and seeing all the things I never got a chance to see when I was on exchange for 5 months.  Anyway, my last night in Leeds was a pretty darn good one.  There were a ton of kitchen parties going on and lots of groups going clubbing, but those aren’t really my style.  I spent the first part of my night having a blast at M83 with my favourite American, Christine.

The concert was so much fun and it was such an amazing way to cap off my time in Leeds.  I’m sure a majority of the people who turned up for the sold-out show at the union were most excited to hear ‘Midnight City' live but nevertheless, you could tell that everyone was so pumped to jam to some killer tunes.  The stage set-up was also pretty neat, with some fluorescent tubes of light placed vertically around the stage area.  I do love me some fluorescent lights.  Highlights of the concert for me would be 'Midnight City' (obviously) and 'Steve McQueen'.  Once the concert ended, Christine got a setlist and I got a guitar pick (see below), and we said our farewells.  I'm going to miss that girl but I'm sure I'll see her sometime because I'm totally going to go to Coachella one day…

Miss you dearly, concert buddy!

Because Fruity was still going on in the union after the concert, the night was still young so I popped by my flat to freshen up and head out again.  I ended up meeting up with Linh, Cynthia, Ursula, and Claudia, and we all went to the Old Bar in the union for a drink.  We all got the same drink and chatted for a while, reminiscing on our time in Leeds.  I’m going to miss the girls of K3.2, where I’m an honourary resident because I was over there so often.

Cynthia, Linh, Ursula, Claudia, and me all ended up getting the same drink at the Old Bar in the union - pineapple juice with Malibu.

Clothworkers’s courtyard, how I shall miss taking classes there…

The guitar pick I got at the concert!

Until next time, mes amis…