the end of summer.

It’s official.  My summer break is over as classes begin tomorrow.  It’s been great having an extended break between semesters but I’ve got to admit, I’m excited for classes to start.  To enjoy our final day before the start of classes, Flavia (Brazil), Maria José (Chile), Maria Jesus (Chile), Chloé (Canada), Remy (Canada) and I went to the World Curry Festival at Victoria Gardens in the city centre.

Although I’m not big on curry, I felt that there weren’t enough samples, at least not for curry.  We sampled some mango with chili and some sort of mango smoothie, but the curry samples could be taken only if you donated money.  Also, to actually have a meal, it would cost around £4 to £6 and I just didn’t want to pay that much for something that I might not like or that I might have an allergic reaction to.

L-R: Me, Maria Jesus, Flavia, Chloé, Remy

After the curry festival and a quick lunch at Subway (I know, shame on me), we went to Primark to have a look.  For those of you that don’t know, Primark is a clothing retailer with stores all over the UK and the clothing is super cheap.  To be honest, I didn’t really find it that great because the clothing wasn’t really my style and it was just dizzying inside the store.  Too much, too messy, and too many people.  I might have to visit on a day that is not as busy and maybe that’ll change my mind.

Flavia and I weren’t feeling too hot so we took off to the Leeds Student Medical Practice only to find that it’s closed on Sundays.  Fantastic.  At least the weather was great!  

The Parkinson Building

Until next time!