berlin, part two.

Continuing on from from the previous Berlin post, I took the U-Bahn to a station near the Berlinische Galerie, which would be my final touristy stop for the day.  I got off at the wrong station or exit and ended up so much further from the gallery than I expected.  It took me about 40 minutes to get to the gallery because I was seriously that far away!  Eventually, I found it and paid for my admission, only to find out that you have to pay an extra 2 euros if you want to use your camera in the gallery.  First time that I’ve ever encountered something like that…  And as I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect in the gallery, I paid that fee just in case I saw some stuff worth documenting.  Not too sure if the exhibitions are the same right now, but when I was there, they had some interesting exhibitions: J. Mayer H., Friedrich Seidenstücker, Eva Besnyö, and a video art exhibition.  

After the Berlinische Galerie, I went back to my hostel for a little bit of a break and I met a really lovely girl, Gabrielle, from Wellington, New Zealand.  She’s an absolute sweetheart and we got along really well.  So, her, me, and Sophie, decided to go for dinner at Mommseneck, which is a restaurant that has 100 different kinds of beer.  I ordered the baked camembert and specifically told the waiter that I am allergic to eggs but of course, he didn’t take me seriously and I ended up having an allergic reaction.  I’m so sure that the beer batter had eggs in it.  Such a pity because it was actually quite good…

Final Berlin post will be up soon, I promise!