an early christmas in leeds.

I didn’t realize that I hadn’t posted these photos until just a few days ago.  Back last year in December, my friends in one of the other blocks put on a Christmas dinner.  The dress code was green and red, so I opted for a red beanie courtesy of my father’s closet and my Oxford Uni sweater.  The food was so delicious and boy, did we eat a lot.  We had roast pork, a selection of vegetable dishes, pinot grigio, and apple pie (in my case, apple crumble).

Here are some snapshots of the night!

Linh’s decorations

L-R: Me, Cynthia, Linh, Julie, Ursula

Cynthia’s delicious pork

My special apple crumble because I couldn’t eat the pie

Cynthia’s a pro cook and a pro baker!

A belated merry Christmas to you all and happy new year!