copenhagen, part one.

After sleeping a grand total of 3 hours and leaving my hostel in Stockholm at an ungodly hour, I headed to the airport, ready to board my flight to Copenhagen.  Because I had purchased a few things in Stockholm, I was a little worried that my carry-on would go over the weight limit.  So, I piled on the clothing (i.e. white tank, Weekday knit, Canada Goose parka, Cheap Monday Jacket) and practically died as I was going through the airport.  The flight to Copenhagen was short but because of my early morning, I passed out cold.  We landed and I took the metro to the Kongens Nytorv station.  Confused about whether or not my ticket would work for buses as well, I asked a girl who was waiting at the bus stop and she ended up walking me to my hostel, the Generator Hostel.  Thanks, Glory Mae!

I checked in, dropped off my stuff, and decided to talk a walk around the city to enjoy what was left of daytime.  Originally, I was planning on walking to see the Little Mermaid statue, but I ended up walking in the wrong direction and ended up by Tivoli, which is this amusement park-cum-pleasure garden.  Since walking back up to the statue was now out of the question because I was exhausted, I went back to the hostel and passed out.  

Danish krona!  The bills get smaller in size when you go down in amount so when you line the up, the coloured strip shows.

When I woke up from my nap, another girl had moved into the room and we went for dinner together at Madklubben Bistro de Luxe on Store Kongensgade.  We actually had walked up and down the street, looking at various restaurants’ menus whilst trying to decide where we could eat.  Everything was relatively pricey but Madklubben seemed like the better deal: 1 course is 100DKK, 2 courses is 150DKK, 3 courses is 200DKK, and 4 courses is 250DKK.  We started off with a delicious rye bread and as an appetizer, I had the charcuterie.  For the main course, I had the pork, which was amazing.  Probably the best meal I’ve had since being abroad.  Madklubben is a great restaurant and the next time I’m in Copenhagen, I’m definitely going to hit up their other restaurants around the city.

Stay tuned for part two!