stockholm, part three.

Alright, part three!  Hope you aren’t sick of all these pictures yet.  Since a lot of Gamla Stan had been blocked off due to the Nazi protest, I went back with Amy, an Aussie from my hostel.  We ventured into the Old Town area and bought ourselves some Swedish toffee with nuts in it.  We also visited the Royal Palace, which I thought was a little on the ugly side.  Sorry, Swedes.  It just isn’t that nice to look at, in my opinion.  Very bland.  Amy and I did see the changing of the guard, which was also not a huge deal.  

Weird troll things that creeped me out.  They were actually being sold in a store.  I can’t believe people actually buy these…

After the Royal Palace, we walked back up into the Norrmalm area and visited the Christmas Market.  It wasn’t very big but they had some ladies choir singing Swedish tunes and ponies!  Next up was a little more shopping.  Yes, I know.  Can you say shopaholic?  But this was with good reason as both Urban Outfitters and Acne are located in historic buildings!  UO is located in what used to be the Röda Kvarn picture palace and the Normmalmstorg Acne flagship is actually the location where the term, “Stockholm Syndrome,” was coined.  And the best thing about the Acne store on Normmalmstorg and probably all the other stores?  The amazingly gorgeous men who work there.  Holy mackerel.  I swear it was love at first sight with the brown-haired guy that was working, at least on my part it was.  I have never seen a more perfect guy in real life and one that totally fit my specific appearance requirements.  It is now my ultimate goal to live in Stockholm and marry a rich Swede.

Super long sausage and I already bit off one end!

The awesome windows at the Nordiska Kompaniet department store.

Hot chocolate inside the Gallerian mall.

My Acne x Daniel Silver ‘Ruthy’ knit sweater!

Final Stockholm post to come…