I’ve been crazy busy with schoolwork for the past while so I didn’t have a chance to post this until today.  Today, I had a 3000-word paper due, as well as a reading response portfolio.  I’m so relieved that those two assignments are done!  I’ve only got one final research essay due in January and a couple of exams for my film history class.  A little bit before the craziness started, I went on another student union day trip and this time, I got to the visit the enchanting city of Cambridge, home to the famous Cambridge University.

Linh and I ended up going on a punting tour, which was actually quite relaxing and nice.  And we even paid less than what was advertised so that was great!  We were actually hoping to have the chance to try punting ourselves but alas, it didn’t happen and we were a little disappointed.  I guess it was a good thing because I probably would have fallen in the water.

After the tour, we finally got some grub at a quaint restaurant called The Vaults.  The food was good and much appreciated after a long bus ride into Cambridge from Leeds.  I had a delicious chicken burger and Linh had ribs.  Our stomachs were happy after being filled with food so we then decided to take a leisurely walk around the city and just take in the sights in Cambridge.  A very chill afternoon, but a lovely one at that.

Mathematical bridge

Linh and I, featuring our headless punter

Hummus and pita bread

Sweet potato soup

Chicken burger and chips

Cheers! xx