prague, part one.

Just spent the past weekend in Prague with Michelle and Houssine.  It’s crazy to think that I’m spending weekend in various European countries.  Living in Canada just doesn’t seem as exciting…  But anyhow, back to the amazing city that is Prague.  So, my flight to Prague wasn’t the greatest.  I was surrounded by rowdy young guys and boisterous middle-aged men, and it was a miracle that I actually fell asleep for the majority of the 2-hour flight.  

After landing, Michelle, Houssine, and I made our way to our hostel and of course, we managed to take the tram going to wrong way.  Eventually, we made it to our hostel, the Czech Inn, which is pretty much amazing.  It’s modern, super clean, and super safe.  The staff (minus the café girl who didn’t bother checking if the bread had eggs in it) were so helpful as well.  Another bonus is the evening front desk worker is a complete Robert Pattinson lookalike, no joke.  Petr is his name but everyone calls him Pete, apparently.  When I was checking in for Michelle and me, he noticed we were from Canada and he asked where.  I told him I was from Vancouver and he said he actually lived in Van for a year last year!  Crazy.  What’s even crazier is I’m so certain that I’ve seen him on the skytrain before because he looks so similar to Mr. Pattinson.  He was so nice and he even gave me a discount on our stay, which he also extended to Houssine.  I love me a good discount!

We settled into our bunks and I had to prep for a phone interview for a co-op position with RIM.  Pete was kind enough to let me borrow a room for a half hour on one of the upper floors to do my interview.  The interview was alright and of course, I had a few moments where I wondered what on earth I had just said.  At least that’s done…  After my interview, Michelle, Houssine, and I went for dinner at a restaurant suggested to us by Pete called U Bulinú.  The food was seriously amazing.  The portions were huge and the prices were low.  I ordered the goulash, as did Michelle, and Houssine ordered the roasted goose with dumplings.  We tried our hardest to finish our meals, but it just wasn’t going to happen.  It almost felt criminal to let all that delicious food go to waste.  I’d definitely recommend hitting up U Bulinú if you’re in the area.  You won’t regret it.

Garlic baguette

Roasted goose with dumplings

Goulash in a breadbowl

Our attempt at finishing our food.

That’s that for our first night in Praha.  Sightseeing is up next.  Stay tuned!