amsterdam, part three.

Sorry about the wait on this final post on my weekend spent in Amsterdam.  I just got back from another weekend trip and still have a ton of stuff to catch up on.  Anyway, our final day in Amsterdam started off with a trip to a bakery where everyone except for me got a little something.  It’s times like those where I wish I wasn’t allergic to eggs.

Yummy-looking stuff 

Michelle, me, and Leroy standing in a giant clog

We spent the majority of the day figuring out what to do as we walked to the outskirts of the city centre.  Some of the guys wanted to go to a chocolate museum but that didn’t happen.  So, we wandered and wandered and wandered.  

Michelle, me, and Kyle

Zack, Houssine, Duc, and Leroy

We ended up in the industrial area on the fringes of the city centre.  This area is filled with very modern-looking buildings, including the Bimhuis concert hall.  Although it was nice to see a different side of Amsterdam, I felt like we were wasting time while we walked around aimlessly for a few hours.

Breaking off into groups, we were finally able to get things done.  Michelle, Kyle, Houssine, Leroy, and I went back to the city centre and ventured into a shopping area we had not previously visited.  Great idea, in my opinion!  We had Kit Kat McFlurry’s at McDonald’s and did a little window-shopping in stores like Scotch & Soda and Monki.  I didn’t actually know there was a Monki store until it was too late, so I didn’t get to spend huge amount of time there.  I guess that’s a good thing so that I can save for when I’m visit Stockholm.

The shopping, or browsing, concluded our trip to Amsterdam.  We collected our bags from our hostel and off we went to the airport.  Instead of taking the tram, we took a train from Centraal station.  The station is actually really gorgeous from the outside but I don’t have a picture to show you guys because it was too dark and the picture I took didn’t turn out that great.  The rest of the night wasn’t very exciting - waiting at the gate, sitting on a plane, and landing in Leeds.

Hope you enjoyed my posts on my trip to Amsterdam!  I’ll try and get my Prague posts up as soon as possible.