Yesterday, I had to get up at the crack of dawn to get my butt on a coach bus to the beautiful city of Oxford.  Oxford is quite aways from Leeds and it’s a long 4-hour bus ride there.  As there were a ton of students on this trip, we left a little late and arrived in Oxford a little before noon.  We walked into the city centre and stopped to take some pictures of the city on some hill that cost a quid to go up.  Not that the views weren’t worth it but a pound for them was a little steep.  

Lia and Houssine going up the hill

After the panoramic views atop the hill, we ventured further in the city to see what it has to offer.  We waited outside the Carfax Tower to see the quarter boy figures hit the bells and I was trying to get it on video but put my hands down right when they hit the bells.  Figures.

Left: Carfax Tower

Next, we hit up the historic Covered Market, which opened in 1774.  There’s a ton of small shops, restaurants, and bakeries inside the market.  Before we visited the many colleges and cathedrals, we stopped by the official University of Oxford store and I got myself a nice Oxford Uni sweater.  The funny thing is that I still have yet to purchase a Leeds Uni sweater and don’t even get me started on SFU gear.  Some proud SFU student, I am… 

As we had been walking through the city and colleges, we needed to recharge and stopped to eat at Vaults & Garden Café, which is right on campus and has an amazing view of the Radcliffe Camera.  I had a really great leek soup with sourdough and raisin bread.  

Bottom Left: Delicious soup
Right: Radcliffe Camera

L-R: Houssine, Renske, me, Rikke, Lia

I’m going to be honest, I can’t remember the names of all the colleges we visited but they are all breathtaking in person.  It’s so cool to stop and think about how many great minds have walked the exact same steps.  And it must be such an amazing experience for the actual Oxford students - to live, breathe, and study in such a historic environment!  

Bridge of Sighs

Marilyn Monroe, the jellybean version

Emma Watson in the December 2010 issue of Marie Claire US 

Now, for a pretty exciting part of my day trip to Oxford.  I briefly mentioned this on my other blog, but here it is: I SAW EMMA WATSON IN THE FLESH!  Yes, Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter films!  It was so crazy that it happened because I jokingly posted a Facebook status that said I was heading to Oxford for the day and that maybe I’ll spot Emma Watson.  I can’t believe it actually happened!  As we were walking down Broad Street, Rikke spotted her and told us, and of course, I freaked out.  I saw her back and I immediately took off to see if I could get a chance to talk to her.  Emma popped into the Cath Kidston store and I pondered how I could go in and chat with her.  Lots of people noticed her and were going into the store to get a glimpse of Emma.  Finally, we just went in and up the stairs only to find that she was leaving with her friend.  I totally internally freaked out as I passed her on the stairs.  Of course, we didn’t follow her after that and I regret not chatting with her on the stairs.  I know I could have kept my cool and I wouldn’t have seemed like a complete freak.  Oh well…  Can’t do anything about that now but at least I got to see her up close and in the flesh!

Magdalen College

After the highs of encountering Emma Watson died down, we visited the Magdalen College and did the ‘Deadman’s Walk’ to the Christ Church College and cathedral.

Lia and I outside Christ Church college

The Dining Hall inside Christ Church college

Do the last two pictures remind you of anything?  Well, hopefully it reminds you of the Great Hall from the Harry Potter films.  Christ Church college’s dining was used in the filming of Harry Potter, as were the stairs that lead to the dining hall!  So awesome!  That concluded my day trip to Oxford and it was definitely a memorable one.  Next up on my trip list is Amsterdam!