It seems like I always start off posts apologizing on the tardiness of each post…  Well, I’m not sorry this time!  Schoolwork got in the way.  I had a 3000-word paper on Stuart Hall’s encoding/decoding model due today.  So glad that’s done now.

Okay, so last Sunday, a group of us took the bus up to York.  York is quite an old city, but still very nice!  And it’s super close to Leeds (only a 40-minute bus ride)!  We ventured through the city streets and the Shambles, which is a Medieval street that has be preserved very well.  We also checked out the sights like York Minster and the Roman Walls.  My only issue was the damn cobblestone!  It’s everywhere in England and I always manage to roll my ankles…  Grr.

York Minster

Maria Jesus, Deborah, Flavia and I infront of York Minster

Holy Trinity Church - all the pews are the original pews

Photo op on the Roman Walls
L-R (back): Eva, Duc, Konstantina, Me, Houssine
L-R (front): Celina, Julia, Deborah, Flavia 

Deborah vogue-ing it up

Burger at the Bay Horse

That’s that.  Next destination: Oxford this Saturday!