liverpool, part one.

Michelle and I (Sorry about the hair covering my face - so windy!)

Alright, this is the first post on Liverpool.  I took a huge amount of photos and so, I thought I’d separate them for you guys.  Michelle, Houssine, and I hopped on a coach bus this morning in Leeds and off we went to the lovely city of Liverpool.  We arrived in Liverpool around 11AM and our first stop was the Beatles museum at Albert Dock.

Overall, the Beatles museum was pretty interesting and fun.  It’s colourful and informative, and appropriate for young ones.  I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really listen to all of the little tidbits of information that you could listen to via the headset.  However, it was cool to see some of the instruments that the Beatles used.

Recreation of the Cavern Club inside the museum

Houssine in one of the wigs at the museum

My John Lennon picture

This concludes the first batch of Liverpool pictures.  Next up: the Tate!