classes and sunny weather.

After a welcomed break from school, it was time to get back into the swing of things as classes started up on Monday here.  Every student needs to take 60 credits total and luckily for me, I’ve only got 3 classes (20 credits each).  This fall semester, I’m taking COMM2125 (Visual Communications), COMM3260 (Understanding the Audience) and COMM3850 (Cinema and Society in Western Europe, 1895-1950).  So far, my classes seem alright.  They’re actually a lot smaller than I’m used to.  My largest class is only about 75 students or so.  But get this, my smallest class is seven people.  Can you believe that?  You’d think that they would cancel a class if there was so little people enrolled.  I’ve already got a ton of work to do and although, I only need to pass my classes here, I feel like I should be working hard and staying on top of everything.  Let’s hope I can actually get down to business and focus on schoolwork here…

Apart from classes, we’ve been having some marvelous weather here in Leeds.  I’m talking 20+ degrees and sunshine.  I never thought I’d actually be wearing shorts with bare legs here in the UK but I’ll gladly do so thanks to the great weather.  To enjoy the weather, a bunch of friends and I held a BBQ in the park near our flats yesterday.  And today, Deborah, Flavia and I spent the afternoon walking around the city centre being tourists.

We walked for a bit and took a food break in O’Neill’s.  I had a classic burger and chips, while Flavia had a blue cheese burger and chips.  The food was great and my burger was only £4.49.  Very fulfilling and definitely worth the money.  The weird thing is that I’ve had more burgers here than I’ve had back home in years.  

Now, I’ve really got to get some work done.  I’ve got tonight and tomorrow to finish my readings and seminar work because I’ll be in Stratford-Upon-Avon all of Saturday and I want to have a Sunday free of schoolwork.

To-do list:

- Read all of “Ways of Seeing” by John Berger for COMM2125 (ASAP)

- Do Propp and Feuer readings for COMM2125 (ASAP)

- Responses for Berger, Propp and Feuer readings for COMM2125 (TUESDAY)

- Read “Film History: Theory and Practice” for COMM3850 (ASAP)

- Complete seminar task for COMM3850 (TUESDAY)

- Do Gauntlett and Livingstone readings for COMM3260 (ASAP)

- Start applying for co-op positions