two weeks.

I’ve been in Leeds for exactly two weeks and it’s starting to feel more as a “home” rather than a foreign place.  The streets are starting to look more familiar, especially since I walk everywhere.  I’ve gotten used to the weather here and honestly, it’s not as bad as I’ve expected however that could be because it’s only September.  My feelings toward the weather will probably change as it begins to rain more than 10 minutes a day.

All the people I’ve met so far have been great!  Every time you go out, you meet a ton of more new people from all over the world.  I’ve met people from Australia, Brazil, Germany, France, Chile, Sweden, Italy, Greece, America, Spain, Hong Kong, Denmark, England, other parts of Canada and more.  So many names and faces to remember!  And for those of you wondering about the boy situation here: I am in heaven.  I have a very specific type of guy that I go for and Leeds is full of my type.  Even on my flight to Manchester, there was a super good-looking guy and he was carrying a guitar.  Yum.  Also, I’ve seen a guy who totally reminds me of Ryan Gosling.  No joke.  I’m working on that one.

Of course not all of my time is spent boy-gazing.  Yesterday, I finally woke up early for once and made my way to the city centre for a little shopping.  The city centre is always buzzing with people and loads of students.  First stop was Harvey Nichols, which I would consider on par with Holt Renfrew.  You know, all designer labels and such.  I ended up getting an Acne striped t-shirt there and because I’m with O2 (it’s a phone company), I also signed up for these perks and got a cute canvas tote bag.  I also picked up a black top with a zipper down the back and a pair of boots from Zara.  With all that shopping, I needed to recharge and so, off I went to the Marks & Spencer café for a little lunch. 

After lunch, I dropped by Topshop and H&M but I didn’t really find much at those stores.  I wasn’t in much of a shopping mood anymore and the rest of my late afternoon/early evening was spent grocery shopping.

Yesterday, there was also a birthday celebration so a huge group of us were at The Dry Dock for drinks.  A couple of hours passed and we made our way to a club right beside the university called Halo.  As much as I didn’t want to pay £5 for cover and as much as I wanted to go home and rest, I still went and ended up having a great time.  The club is actually located inside a church.  Never would have thought that anyone would put such as place in a religious building!  

Today, there was a free BBQ at the student union building for international students and of course I went.  How can anyone miss out on free food?  We had to wait about an hour in order to get our burgers but it was a wait well spent as my friends and I planned out what we’re going to do tomorrow.  Curry festival and Primark?  I think yes!  Tonight’s going to be a chill evening because I’m not feeling too hot.  I think I caught the bug that my flatmate had and it’s starting to hit me a lot harder than yesterday.