goodbye, vancouver.

Today was my last full day in Vancouver and it’s safe to say that I’m going to miss my hometown while I’m in England.  I’m going to miss the fresh air and the mountains, I’m going to miss the gorgeous weather we’ve been having the past while, and I’m going to miss my home.  Of course, I’ll miss my parents the most.  I won’t lie, I’ve lived a pretty sheltered life and one of relative ease.  So, my time spent abroad will definitely be a great experience for me to become a more independent person.  I’m going to make it a goal to be able to cook a decent meal and to be able to do multiple laundry loads by the end of my 5 months at the University of Leeds.  

I’ve said my farewells to most of my good friends and to those that I didn’t get a chance to, I’ll definitely see you when I’m back on home soil.  Thanks to everyone for the well wishes!  I’ll do my best to stay safe and not end up in some life-threatening situation.  Until next time, which will probably be after I’ve landed in Leeds!