Make You Feel My Love


Leading up to Adele's two sold-out concerts in Vancouver, I simply did not want to hear anyone talk about them. I hadn't been able to get tickets when they initially went on sale, which was one of my most frustrating ticket-buying experiences on Ticketmaster to date. Friends of mine were able to lock down single tickets and much like me, had not been able to get pairs.

The day of the first show, my friend mentioned that the Ticketmaster box office would be releasing more tickets at 1PM but I don't work in the same area so I checked online. Lo and behold, I stumbled upon the much sought-after tickets! I only found lower bowl tickets for Wednesday and decided to see what was available for Thursday (best decision ever). I lucked out and found a floor seat, and snatched it up so quickly.

It wasn't until I got inside Rogers Arena that I realized just how close I was going to be to the stage. I knew I would be close to the centre aisle but couldn't have predicted that I'd basically be sitting at the tip of the stage! From my vantage point, I had such an amazing view of everything — specifically Adele.

And as you all can predict, it was such an amazing show. Adele is such a charming, talented and hilarious soul, and her stage presence is unrivalled. To see her perform in person and at such a close distance was a once in a lifetime thing, and I really could not have asked for anything more.